Terms and conditions

Last updated: July 2022

  1. The deposit paid is non-refundable
  2. Copies of Building Consents, plans, condition conditions and personal details will be kept private and not shared to any third party providers
  3. All documents will be sourced directly from the contact details given by the owner/project manager
  4. Once the CCC application has been processed by the Council, you will receive my final invoice for time spent on sourcing the documentation.  $100 + GST per hour
  5. Local Council fees and invoices are the sole responsibility of the owner.
  6. The statuary timeframes outlined in the Building Act 2004 to process the CCC application will apply
  7. A copy of all documents will be provided to the customer upon submission to Council for personal record keeping
  8. Management of further information requests by the local council will be managed by Comply Docs as they arise 
  9. By signing this agreement, you give permission for Comply Docs to act as your agent for the CCC application