Save time and money at the crucial end of the build

Are you confused or frustrated by the Council process to gain your Code Compliance Certificate (CCC)?

Let’s face it, paperwork is not what you want to be managing once the site work has been completed you want to be moving on to your next project, because time is money.

That’s where Comply Docs can help.

We understand that there’s a bit of an evil cycle that occurs between Council and the building industry.  The time it takes to process an incorrect CCC application is double or triple the time of a complete application.  All of the back and forth, not only takes time but there’s also a cost associated with it – processing cost of the application and the prevention of you being able to get on with your next project.  This doesn’t just slow you down but it slows down the ability of Council to move on to other applications too – see, it’s not good for anyone.  We aim to eliminate requests for further information (RFIs) because it is key to getting your CCC out the door – faster and cheaper. 

With our know-how and upload feature, we can work on your CCC no matter where you are in the country and adequately prepare an application.  All we need is a copy of your consent conditions, inspection reports and plans, along with the details of your contractors.  Leave it with us 😊 

Click here to upload your information.